Dooya Curtain Motor Price in Pakistan

Smart choice for Windows With Dooya curtain Motor

Dooya Curtain Motor is the smart choice for your windows. You have options to Operate with Wifi or Remote Control. Tuya or Smart Life App will be used for dooya WIFI curtain motor and Remote is used in simple Smart curtain motor. how wide will be the curtain motor track, depend on your window width.

The Width of Curtain motor track can be wider according to your desire Window width. Pinch pleat Curtain Style with hooks can be used with material of your choice like cotten,silk,linen,voile or sheer material. In case of no electricity, curtain motor can be operate mannually to close and open with hands. you can buy/order curtain motor in pakistan at best price from us.

Curtain motor pakistan
Dooya Smart Curtain Motor | Tuya WIFI and Remote Control in Pakistan
curtain motor
curtain motor
curtain motor mounting methods
curtain motor mounting methods

You can mount or install curtain motor & track in your ceiling (solid surface not pop or chalk). Second option is to mount on Wall.

Smart electric curtain motor track

Curtain Motor Track in pakistan is customizeable according to your how wide is your window or width. Your curtain motor track should be 8 to 12 inches wider then your actual window width. if your window width is 8 feet your curtain motor track will be of 9.3 feet to 10 feet.

smart electric curtain motor track
Curtain Motor Track

Dooya Curtain motor track open the way you like

Operate with wifi or remote control both options are available in pakistan. Smart way to use curtains.

curtain motor remote control
curtain motor remote control
single and double curtain motor system in pakistan lahore
Two Way moving options

Curtain Motor Track in pakistan can be operated by two moving modes. one way is center open which is moving by opposite direction one left and other right. other way is to moving by one direction either left or right.

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