15 Window Blinds Rates, Price in Lahore


Wall Aesthetics offering Best list of 15 Window Blinds Rates, Prices in Lahore. Window Blinds are customized blinds, Its Prices are charged per Square foot which is Width x length of a window. How much do window blinds cost depend upon your selection and size of your windows. Minimum area required for small windows are 16 square feet.

Home & Office, Window blinds price in Pakistan

When you have decided to install blinds, you must be looking for the best home and office window blinds price in Pakistan. You have reached at the right page. We are offering different window blinds prices, from standard to deluxe range. You can choose from list of different blinds prices below to best match with your budget, style and décor. Blinds are most popular window coverings available in different materials, designs, textures, colors & fabrics. Mostly people prefer window blinds, because of its price, benefits, durability and user-friendly controls. Windows blinds block more heat, light & privacy of your rooms compare to curtains. Windows blinds material are made of polyester and PVC, which makes them stain resistant, Fade-less and durable for long time. You can pair window blinds with curtains or simply go for blinds. Either mount window blinds inside window frame or above its totally your choice. For more light and privacy coverage, we recommend mounting blinds above window frame. Our custom made blinds are made from imported fabrics, best tailored according to your window dimensions. We are top rated blinds shop in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. we have blinds fit perfectly to your windows like bay windows, UPVC windows. We have blinds for drawing room, blinds for kitchen and washroom windows, blinds for bedrooms, blinds for living room, blinds for study room, patio doors, and any type of windows you have, we have a solution for it. we also have blackouts blinds for privacy, blocking sun, insulation, for view, noise and heat out. Buy blinds curtains online for your home & office windows from Lahore. Buy blinds that match your interior and room theme. choose from list of blinds below. visit shop for samples or make a call today for more information.

Roller blinds price 180 per sqft

Roller blinds
Blackout, Sun screen and light-filtering rolling blinds

Roller blinds block UV sun rays, light and heat which can be harmful to your furniture, floor and décor. Rolling blinds have light-filtering fabric, which reduce day time glare. Blackout fabric, which block light and privacy. Sun screen fabric which retain the outside view. Wide variety of colors and patterns are available. Controls are manual, User-friendly, made of durable plastic and metal. Window Roller blinds are easy to install and use. We offer 1 year hardware warranty.

Wooden blinds price 320 – 345 per sqft

wooden blinds
2″ wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are horizontal style blinds which have durable 2″ strips. Wooden strips adds natural beauty and warmth of wood in your home and office windows. They are Low maintenance, easy to tilt for a view and lift up and down with lock system. controls room privacy & light.

One – Vision Blinds 180 per sqft

one vision blinds

Sunscreen roller, one vision blinds reduce daytime glare, block UV rays, and retain the view, without losing the light & view entirely. Sun screen roller blinds are best when you like some amount of light coming in and don’t want to block the view.

Shangri-La blinds price 320 per sqft

Matching valance + double Fabric

Shangri-La blinds will take the look and feel of your windows to the new level as Shangri-La blinds are modern and luxury options in window fashions offer privacy. Translucent fabric is used which is wrapped around panels which let the diffused inside your home creating a soft appearance

Roller shutter blinds price 260 per sqft

zebra pelmet roller blinds
Zebra pelmet roller blinds

Roller Pelmet blinds add a valance to it which enhances the beauty of the blinds. Valance hides the roller pipe gives more cleaner & improved look. The system is same like roller blinds but with the addition of shutter you can improve the overall look of roller blind.

Bamboo chick blinds price 200 per sqft

chick blinds lahore
bamboo chick blinds Lahore

Bamboo Chick blinds are customized blinds finely made of bamboos very classic approach for window coverings. Bamboo chick blinds can be used with or without lining and pelmet it will add extra cost but will block more amount of light and elegance.

Double window roller blinds 345 per sqft

double roller blinds
day and night blinds

Double roller blinds are day & nights blinds made of blackout & sun screen fabric which offers maximum control over your windows. double roller blinds from one mounted inside and 2nd is above window frame. you can mix and match different fabrics to achieve greater look.

Faux Wood blinds 340 per sqft

Faux wood blinds
2″ black faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds is made with high quality PVC, present the natural and warmth of like original wood, while adding resilience and durability. 2″ Faux wood blinds are Moisture-resistant, easy to clean, durable, lookalike real wood.

Vertical blinds price 160

vertical blinds
Vertical blinds 5″ vertical strips

Vertical blinds have 5″ Vertical slats that run along a track at the top. Vertical blinds are moveable and open from side controls. The tilt able slats control light and privacy. Vertical blinds are made with synthetic polyester fabric which is durable, fadeless and easy to clean. They can be repaired and clean with the damp cloth. Variety of different colors and pattern options are available. Best usage in sliding doors, large windows and office windows, drawing room, partition walls.

Zebra blinds price 295 – 350 per sqft

zebra blinds
Zebra blinds standard to deluxe range

Zebra blinds are Modern blinds also known as zebra roller blinds or day night blinds. Zebra blinds give transition between sheer and fabric, when fabric overlaps fabric give room privacy and block 95% outside light and when sheer overlaps sheer, light comes in. It’s easy to use.

Zebra blinds pleated 325 per sqft

zebra shades pleated
Zebra blinds Pleated

Zebra blinds pleated is the beautiful and innovate blind. They give luxury and horizontal style look on any room when installed. Zebra blinds pleated are fancy blinds which enhance your interior to the next level. range of beautiful designs are available.

Venetian blinds price 185 – 200 per sqft

venetian blinds
Venetian blinds 1″ strips

Venetian blinds are horizontal style cheap blinds with full functionality of rotate slats and lift up and down with lock system. Venetian mini blinds are light weight, durable and easy to clean. They are flexible in nature plus waterproof, best suitable for washrooms and kitchen and office windows.

Printed roller blinds price 195 – 210 per sqft

printed Roller Blinds
Printed roller blinds deluxe fabrics

Beautiful range of printed roller blinds are available in deluxe fabric range which are best in quality, premium. Wide range of printed patterns are available. Made of100% polyester material which is durable, Fade-resistant and cleanable.

Pleated Roller blinds price 195 per sqft

pleated blinds
Pleated blinds

Pleated Roller blinds consistent layer of pleats in fabric which allow natural light to pass, reduces heat glare and offer privacy. Roller blinds pleated shade are like light-filtering shade with advanced look of pleated fabric enhance your room décor.

Blackout blinds for windows 185 – 200 per sqft

blackout blinds
Window roller blinds blackout PVC coated

Blackout blinds are perfect choice for your windows. Get rid of TV glare, bleaching furniture, privacy issues and light. If you want your room to block maximum amount of sunlight, heat and maintain 100% room privacy. Blackout blinds are one to solve these issues.

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5 Reason Why People Buy Window Blinds

we understand the importance of right window coverings in your home and office windows, which perfectly fit your window size have excellent look, best design, texture of your choice and fit perfectly, therefore we are here to describe the importance of buying window blinds in 2021.

  1. Blinds can block dust, dampen the noise, block heat, light, UV sun rays and privacy of your windows, no matter what type of windows you are using. All type of blinds are best for you its just a matter of your purpose to install.
  2. Blinds Last longer ! Yes You have heard it right. it will last longer, its colors will not fade. compare to blinds curtains in Lahore, blinds are moisture proof, dust proof, waterproof and easy to maintain and install.
  3. decide what’s your purpose to install blinds ? you must be bored with your old curtains. you need refreshing new look to enhance the visual appeal of your home and office windows. you have shifted to a new place either own or rented. is heat and light bothering you. do you want more in control of light and privacy and summer heat on urgent basis.
  4. Window blinds are modern day window covering solution with some latest style, designs and patterns, which will cover your windows with the right way, because blinds keep home owner more satisfied by the cost, ease of installation and ready to use within 2 to 3 days.
  5. Different material of blinds and shades contribute to overall look and feel of your home and office windows.one more reason to install window blinds is more light coverage specially when mounted above window frame, easy to operate, adjustable left or right controls, tilt system, fadeless and deluxe range of fabrics which are washable, energy efficient, custom made, and of course aesthetics.