Vertical Blinds | Vertical blinds price in pakistan

Vertical blinds made their peak performance in 80’s and 90,s as a style choice for windows. Today Vertical blinds slats are continue to use in window treatment as a versatile product as they less likely to catch dust, stand vertically and control the amount of light entering your space. Vertical blinds for windows is made of durable PVC, or embossed PVC which is being operated by track system, which draw to the one side, rather than lifting and lowering.

vertical blinds for windows are ideal for office windows, sliding and large windows. Vertical blinds for windows are durable, less expensive compare to other blinds price in Pakistan. Variety of rich textures, patterns and colors are available. For samples and order placement please contact Us

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Vertical blinds Price in pakistan

Vertical blinds price is Rs 230 per square foot in Pakistan

Vertical Blinds Installation Guide


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