Venetian blinds | Mini Blinds For windows

Venetian blinds are 1″ slat blinds which is being used in office windows, kitchen windows and washrooms windows. Mini blinds or Venetian blinds are waterproof blinds which give modern and stylish look to your windows. Venetian blinds are available from plain colored range to wooden venetian blinds. They are flexible and dust resistant, affordable and easy to clean. Minimum area charged for small windows specially kitchen and washroom are 16 square feet.

venetian blinds
Venetian blinds

Venetian blind are also called mini blinds use mostly in washroom & kitchen area and also in offices .These are horizontal 1″ INCH BLIND water & moist resistant . They block full privacy of home and office windows.

mini blinds
Mini blinds 1″ horizontal strips

These blinds are known as mini blinds usually come in 1″ horizontal slats .They can be used in homes and offices .They are affordable durable and easy to clean. Allow you to control light and privacy. Mostly used in kitchens & washrooms

venetian blinds price

PKR 195 – 250 per square foot