Motorized Blinds | Motorized Roller blinds

Get Motorized blinds of Dooya brand in 25mm,35mm and 45mm. Motorized roller blinds are made of a tubular motor which is used inside roller blinds 38mm pipe to make it controllable with a wireless remote. To reap the benefits of wireless you need to have a connection near the window to install remote control blinds. You can select different ranges of fabric of roller blinds to make it motorized. You need to have a stable connection. It is easy to install and operate with a remote when you are not near the windows.

motorized roller blinds for windows
operate blinds with remote

Remote Control Roller Blinds

Motorized blinds | Roller blinds in 25mm,35mm and 45mm

Tubular motor inside roller blinds pipe
Motorized roller blinds with remote
Dooya tubular motor
Multi display remote controls multiple roller blinds

Motorised Roller Blinds prices

For Small windows ( 25MM tubular motor with a remote ) PKR 19500. For big windows ( 35MM tubular motor with a remote ) PKR 22000. For commercial usage, ( 45MM tubular motor with a remote ) PKR 2400 and Fabric Price = 185 – 200 per square foot.