Zebra blinds in Lahore

zebra blinds open and close
Zebra blinds open and close view

Zebra blinds are horizontal style blinds allow transition between sheer and fabric available at best price in Lahore .You can control the light with the help of a side chain or you can fully roll up. It has double layers of fabric which is made of 100% Polyester in which light can adjust according to your needs and privacy. Zebra blinds in Lahore are best for living rooms, dinning and drawing room windows with open space view .You can enjoy the outside view through with these blinds and as-well as maintain your privacy & aesthetics of your rooms.

Zebra blinds designs

Zebra blind price

Zebra blinds price per square foot is starting from 325 /sqft

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  1. I’ve moved to Lahore recently, and after moving, I’ve been looking for some decent enough zebra blinds. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get a decent sufficient cheap option.

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