Roller blinds in Lahore

Roller blinds in Lahore is used interior of windows coverings for preventing sunlight & maintain privacy in a room .Roller window blinds are available in sunscreen fabrics, blackout fabrics in Lahore. Blackout fabric are for blocking sunlight & heat, sunscreen or perforated fabrics are for windows with open outside view. you can enjoy the view with the blinds roll down. Roller blinds are best suitable for bedrooms (sleeping rooms) ,drawing room and dining room .There are different designs of roller blind in Lahore are available from plain to textured & printed ones. you can also have roller blinds in your kitchen and washroom as we have also plastic coated fabrics which is water resistance .you can simply roll-up and roll-down with the help of side chain and you can adjust in between and anywhere in the window ,according to your requirements. They are very user-friendly blinds and affordable with comparison to zebra blinds. you can have roller blinds in different shades with different designs, colors, coating material. For the cost estimation, width and length of roller blinds is needed .you have to decided you want to mount overlap or inside the window frame depth. cost is depend upon the size of your windows. Normally they are cheaper option to cover your windows.

Roller Window Blinds

Roller blinds details

Roller Blind SUN SCREEN

Roller blinds sun screen are one vision blinds are tinted-perforated shades, best for blocking 95% of outside light and to have a contemporary look. It is suitable for place with a outside beautiful view and place where a bit of light is necessary to come inside.

PVC + Polyester


Blackout Roller blinds blackout are 100% polyester which block heat, light and privacy of your windows. Best solution for your windows to adjust the light as much as you want and block heat from direct sunlight and cover the privacy of your rooms .


Semi blackout roller blinds control your room light and reflect the light inside your room while maintaining the level of privacy.

translucent roller blinds
Translucent | semi blackout shade

ROller blinds price IN LAHORE

Starting from RS 210/ per square feet

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