Roller blinds

roller blinds

When you are looking for ways to cover your windows.You need to make a right choice to complete the decor of your room and give you the right solution for your windows. Roller blinds are best and popular choice to make, as they provide more privacy, light control options, block heat, outside noise and help in energy consumption. Thats why mostly people prefer roller blinds for windows.Roller blinds are best window blinds for adding style for home and office windows. Roller blinds are installed with metal brackets and operated with user-friendly chain control. Window roller blinds can be mounted inside window recess or above window recess. You need to have enough depth to install roller blinds inside window recess. You can aslo install roller blinds above window recess in that case you to need to add 8 inches extra in width and height to fully cover your windows. Roller blinds give your better control over your windows as you can easily raise and lower, as well as extremly versatile for any room.

roller blinds design

There are main four kinds of roller blinds designs for windows like blackout roller blinds, translucent roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds and pleated roller blinds in lahore, Pakistan. Blackout roller blinds, block the maximum amount of incoming light entering in a room, during the summer days they are able to keep the heat out of your windows, helps your furniture from fading and maintain room privacy.Blackout roller blinds are available in plain and printed designs. Translucent roller blinds are light filtering blinds that let in the daytime light filter through the blinds, while maintaining the room privacy. Sunscreen roller blinds retain your outside view and keep some day time light to reduce your enegery cost while blocking between 80 to 97 UV rays. Roller blinds are made of Polyester & PVC material which is durable, stain resistant, environmental friendly and waterproof.

Roller Blinds Price in Lahore

Roller blinds price = Rs 180 to 220 per square feet.

Roller Blinds Parts

Window Roller Blinds Clutch Mechanism

Roller blinds Manual Control

Inside Window Recess Measurement

inside recess measurement
Take exact inside window size. Fit inside window

Above Window Recess Measurement

Add extra 8″ in width and in height. Fit above window

Choose Your Installation

Record width first ( right to left) then Height ( Top to bottom )
Use a metral tape for measurements

Send Your Window Picture and Window dimesnions to Place Order Online.