Frequently Asked Question ( Window blinds )

  1. how to place order for window blinds ? Answer : Please decide type of blinds you want to have for your windows send window dimensions along with the window pictures via WhatsApp and we will share samples, tell total and then you can place order.
  2. How much blinds will cost me ? Answer : It depends on your window dimensions and selected blind rate.
  3. What are the cheapest blinds to buy? Answer : ( Vertical, Venetian & Roller blinds )
  4. My window size is 2′ x 3′ & 4′ x 3′ what will be the cost ? Answer : You will be charged minimum 16 sqft for that.
  5. Are blinds Better than Window curtains ? Answer : Yes ! specially Roller blinds are cheaper and better than curtains.
  6. does fitting charges included ? Answer : Nope ! fitting charges are separate PKR 350 per blind price.
  7. Installation options for window blinds ? Answer: You Can install inside the window frame or above window frame.
  8. How can i take window dimensions ? Answer : You will need measurement tape, from left to right is width, and from top to bottom is height. If your are planning to mount ( inside window frame) then take both inside sizes in inches. If you are planning to mount ( above window frame ) just add 6 inches in width and height extra from window frame.
  9. When my blinds will be ready ? Answer : Your blinds will be ready in 2- 3 working days.
  10. How to clean the window blinds ? Answer : You can clean with the dry cloth or brush
  11. Can window blinds be repaired ? Answer: Yes of course ! we give 1 year free after sale service. it can be repaired .
  12. can i use curtains with blinds ? Answer : Yes You can do that. You can have blinds inside window frame and curtain over it for more flexible room décor and more light and privacy blockage.

Frequently asked questions ( Wallpapers )

  1. Can i paste wallpapers on grey and damp walls ? Answer : No You cannot.
  2. What’s the minimum roll price of wallpapers ? Answer : 3000 roll price, 400 pasting charges.
  3. How many rolls will be required for 12 x 12 room ? Answer: 11 to 12 rolls will be required. expense will be PKR 37,400
  4. Can i install wallpapers on graphy walls or rock walls ? Answer: no You need to first clear the wall and get the base ready with sand paper & apply white premier then you can have wallpapers on those walls.
  5. How much each roll will cover my wall? Answer : Each roll will cover up 50 square feet area of your walls, if your wall height is 10 feet and width is 12 feet, 3 rolls will be needed.
  6. Is wallpaper cheaper than paint ? Answer : No ! wallpapers are not cheaper than paints but it will give your walls unique looks which are difficult to achieve with the paint.
  7. What is the average life time of wallpapers ? average life time is 7 to 8 years, depends on your wall conditions.
  8. Anything else ? Answer Wallpaper doesn’t fit well on those wall who already has strong or dark paint installed on walls you need to first white primer the walls or white filling then apply wallpapers for cleaner look.