Frequently Asked Questions

How much blinds for windows will cost ?

The cost will be dependent on your windows dimensions ( width x height), type of blinds for windows you select. and total square feet ( width x height ) of your windows.

what are the cheapest type of blinds?

Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds ( mini blinds ) & Roller blinds are cheapest type of blinds to buy compare to other blinds in pakistan.

window Minimum size 4′ x 4′ Charged. Minimum 16 Sqft

You will be charged for minimum 16 square feet For size less than 4 ft width x 4 ft height.

Window blinds or Curtains ?

Blinds give you better control over your windows light, privacy and appearance and insulation and they can easily be raised or lowered. while curtains move from just left or right. There are certain windows where you don’t want to have curtains for instance stairs window, lobby windows, kitchen window and bathroom windows specially. Blinds are best solution for such windows.

How do you install Blinds for windows ?

You can install or mount either window blinds inside (window recess / depth) or above window recess. Both ways are possible to install, but if you have depth less than 2.00 inches or any obstractions in the way, you should install blinds above the window. Advantages to have blinds above window is that your window will be covered fully, will provide full privacy and less light will be passed, your window will look bigger. while inside mount will have small light gapes or bracket gapes of 0.75 inch on both sides but give more cleaner look and wider room feel.

How to measure Window for blinds ?

You need to have steel a measurement tape, a paper to write sizes. From left to right is width, and from top to bottom is height. If your are planning to mount ( inside window recess) then take both inside sizes in inches accurately. If you are planning to mount ( above window recess ) add 8 inches in width and height extra from window recess/frame.

When my blinds for windows will be ready and installed ?

Your blinds will be ready and install in 2 to 3 working days. Usually we install after 2 days.

Can window blind be cleaned ?

You can clean with the dry cloth for dust or slightly damp cloth for stains. it will be cleaned.

Can Window blind be repaired ?

Yes of course we can. we give 1 year free after sale service. we also provide repair and installation service in Lahore city and out of lahore deliveries via courier companies.

Can i pair curtains with blinds ?

Yes.You can pair blinds with curtains. Blinds will be installed inside window frame or recess and curtain above it. one thing should be darker and other will be in lighter in color. You need minimum 2.00 inches depth to have blinds inside window frame. This pairing blinds with curtains is mostly being used in bedroom windows or lounge/ drawing room windows.

How I can place order for blinds ?

Your order to us is one call away. we will bring samples to you, you can select, we will measure and install. you can place order online via whatsapp by sending your window dimensions with pictures. You can visit shop to see display and place order shop Timmings 11 am – 7 pm