PVC Vinyl Flooring Price Lahore | Imported Planks

We are offering imported vinyl flooring price lahore at Rs 150 per Square feet & 185 Rs per sqft in Lahore Pakistan. Vinyl flooring planks pasting charges are 35 Rs per sqft in lahore. Out of lahore Vinyl Flooring delivery available.

Imported pVC Vinyl Plank Flooring

One box has 30 planks of PVC vinyl flooring. Thickness of Vinyl Flooring 1.3mm. Vinyl Floor plank will cover area of 1.5 sqft. PVC vinyl Floor tile size = 6 inches x 36 inches. More Vinyl Flooring Samples are available. Visit Vinyl Floor Shop in Lahore or send room size to get estimate today.

Pvc vinyl flooring price lahore

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Planks Samples

Vinyl Flooring Plank Size

6 x 36 inches

Vinyl Flooring Cost Calculator

Note = Vinyl FLoor Plank Size 6″ x 36″.1 Plank Coverage 1.5 sqft. 7% Wastage is not added & Delivery charges are Separate.

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  1. Do you do fitting also?
    Where can we see the tiles to choose colour etc?

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