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There are many ranges of wallpaper for wall, Wallpaper for room walls and 3d wallpaper at different prices in Lahore,Pakistan. Wall Paper use for decoration of walls and buy in rolls at different prices according to material and Wall paper design.There are two sizes of wallpaper for walls 21 inch x 33 feet which is standard size and 42 inch x 17 feet which is Korean Wallpaper size. Wallpaper roll will cover 50 square feet area of your wall. One wall will be covered in 2 to 3 rolls. Wallpaper paste on wall with adhesive glue. Wall paper pasting charges are 400 to 500 PKR per roll in Pakistan.

Important information for wallpaper | Must read

For pasting wall wallpapers, we need to make sure your walls are smooth, dry and plain. Repair any defects in walls like Patch any holes or grey area with filling and then sanding them.Wallpaper doesn’t stick to grey walls and textured walls you need to have a smooth base. If you have a smooth base you are ready to go, otherwise filling will be required. You can also prime the walls with primer (optional).

Wall wallpaper is not suitable for all walls like bathroom walls or any seapage walls as it may detoriate rapidly due to steam. Wall Wallpaper stick fast to the walls, with adhesive wallpaper glue and install either from left side of wall or right side with step by step installation from top to bottom of a wall. Wallpaper for walls hides many surface imperfection. It can add warmth, depth, and style to a room that paint simply cannot achieve. Beautiful designs, intriguing textures, and beautiful prints have their elegant effect on the walls of your rooms. wallapper pasting service is avaialble in lahore only.

Buy wallpaper in Lahore

There are many types of wall paper design for walls of your room. There are different quality of wallpaper in lahore are available for room wallls like 3d wallpapers, Motive wallpapers, damask wallpapers, Non-woven, Vinyl PVC wallpapers, Wallpapers for bedroom, living room, stairs, kids room, lounge and office walls. Wallpaper for room walls are the best choice to decorate your interior of any room walls .Get the best chinese wallpapers, Korean Wallpapers, Malaysian Wallpapers at reasonable prices.

Room wallpaper price in lahore

Room Wallpaper price per roll is RS 3500 in Lahore. Wallpaper price for full room is 35000 to 38000 for 4 walls with pasting price of 400 to 500 per roll. You can get an incredible range of wallpaper in lahore at cheap price to normal price range for your walls like bedroom walls, office walls, living room walls, drawing room, TV lounge, Stairs walls. Wall paper designs in Pakistan like brick style, 3D, damask wallpapers, Textured wallpapers, plain wallpapers. We also have kids wallpaper collection for boys and girls rooms, Wall murals and many more options visit shop or select design from PDF,S below.

calculate Wallpaper price

For a Wall and full Room

How to calculate wallpaper rolls and cost depends on the No of walls you choose. First you need to know the width and height of a wall in foot then divide by 50 square feet which is the covered area of each roll, you will get quantity of rolls, for example 10 x 10 foot divide by 50, 2 rolls will be required for a wall. To get the total cost for a wall. Multiplay quantity of rolls with price per roll + pasting charges. You can caluclate how much rolls will be needed for a full room same way by calculating each wall. Calculating wallpaper rolls price in Pakistan formula. Width x height ( ft ) = Square Foot รท 50 = Number of rolls.

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Select designs online from above pdf’s. Take Screen Shot from PDF whatsapp us the design and wall dimensions. Pasting services are available for Lahore clients. For out of city orders, we can send you Wallpaper rolls. You can hire a paster to paste the rolls.

Frequently asked questions

Can i paste wallpapers on grey and damp walls ?


What’s the minimum roll price of wallpapers ?

2800 per roll

How many rolls will be required for 12 x 12 room ?

10 to 12 rolls will be required.

Can i install wallpapers on graphy walls or rock walls ?

No. You need to first clear the wall and get the base ready with sand paper & apply the filling premier then you can have wallpapers on those walls.

what is wallpaper pasting charges ?

400 – 500

How much each roll will cover my wall?

Each roll will cover up 50 square feet area of your walls, if your wall height is 10 feet and width is 12 feet, 3 rolls will be needed.