Wallpaper For Walls Roll Price in Lahore – PKR 4500

There are variety of designs, types and material of wallpaper for walls in available in Lahore Pasting service is only available in lahore city. Out of lahore we can deliver you wallpapers rolls pasting will be exempted.

With new wall covering options, Wallpaper for walls remains the best choice to decorate room walls.The most common wall paper designs are made in china, made in korea, made in malaysia. The best quality wall papers are PVC wallpaper & Non-woven wallpapers. They are pasted with wallpaper glue on dry walls and wood.

wallpaper in lahore
Wallpaper for walls

Calculate Wallpaper Price For a Room

Note = This Wallpaper Cost Calculator is for a full room ( 4 walls)

wallpaper roll size in lahore

Wallpaper for walls Roll Size

Wall paper use for decoration of walls and sold in rolls and paste with glue. Wallpaper for walls are available in two different sizes according to material and design.

Chinese PVC wallpaper Size 21 inch x 33 feet

Korean Wallpaper size 42 inch x 17 feet

Both Wallpaper roll will cover 50 square feet area. but korean wallpaper are pricey and have less wall joints. One wall will be covered in 2 to 3 rolls. Wallpaper pasting charges are 700 to 1000 PKR per roll in Lahore.

How to measure wall for wall paper
Measure in inches or feet for example width 12 x 10 ft = 120 sqft , 3 rolls required

before buying wall paper

For buying wallpaper for walls for your room walls of home and office. you need to make sure your walls are smooth, dry and plain. Repair and patched any defects in walls, like any holes or grey area with filling or wall putty.

Wallpaper doesn’t stick to grey walls and graphy walls. If you have a plain base or smooth base you are ready to go. You can also primer paint the walls before applying wallpaper but its totally optional wall putty will be enough.

Wall wallpaper is not suitable for all walls like bathroom walls , damp walls or seapage walls as it may detoriate or peel off rapidly due to sustained mositure.

wallpapaer for walls design in lahore

Trendy Wall paper design in Lahore are brick style, 3D, damask wallpapers, Textured wallpapers, plain wallpapers. Varieties of wall paper design are available for your room walls. 3d wallpaper for walls, Motive designs, plain wallpaper, grey wallpaper, office wallpaper, room wallpapers.

Best wallpaper for walls material is Vinyl PVC wallpapers. Wallpapers for bedroom, living room, stairs, kids room, lounge and office walls are also available. Get the best chinese , Korean Malaysian Wallpapers at reasonable prices today.

Room wallpaper price in lahore

Room Wallpaper price is PKR 4500/roll in Lahore. Wallpaper price for full room is 38000 to 42000 for 4 walls with pasting price of 500 to 1000 per roll. You can get an incredible range of wallpaper in lahore at cheap price to normal price range for your walls like wallpaper for bedroom walls, office walls, living room walls, drawing room, TV lounge.

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Note : Wallpaper Pasting service is available only in Lahore charges 700 to 1000 per roll.delivery service is available out of lahore. wallpaper paste with glue on walls & Wood.